Are you Ready-to-Pitch?

Then apply for the VINCI Startup Speed Dating 2020 and convince our management and operational decision-makers of your startup! We are looking for start-ups for our customer projects. Simply choose the topic that best suits you, fill out the application and join us at the online event on 25th June 2020, 09:00-11:00.

These VINCI representatives from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are eagerly awaiting the presentation of your start-up:

  • CEOs of the brands Actemium, Axians and VIA IMC
  • Business Area Manager of Actemium, Axians and Eurovia
  • Business Unit Manager of Actemium, Axians and Omexom
  • Head of Strategy
  • Digitalisation and Innovation Officer
  • and many more…

The areas

Smart maintenance in the industrial service sector

In increasingly networked production landscapes and value creation constellations, high-performance maintenance of plants and components and efficiently structured service processes are indispensable. That is why maintenance, servicing and service processes must evolve analogously to intelligent production environments – towards smart maintenance. The right data in the right place at the right time also enable new maintenance and business models for service providers (e.g. demand-oriented maintenance, predictive maintenance, etc.). We are looking for digital solutions and approaches in this area – from supporting apps, smart sensor technology, data processing and analysis to AI approaches and AR/VR solutions.

Smart Roads – How to make roads smarter to improve their sustainability?

Road infrastructure is currently not linked to renewable energies. We are looking for solutions to use roads for more than driving with cars on it. New materials and sensors are welcome to make roads smarter and more sustainable. Your innovative solution not only makes roads more sustainable, but perhaps also smarter. The area occupied by roads in Europe is huge – how can we use that for other services (energy generation, energy storage, add sensors, use innovative materials)? In that sense, we are looking for start-up evolving around the inductive charging ecosystem, seasonal heat storage and others innovative solutions around along those lines.

This Challenge will be held in English.

Smart Government – Digital Approaches for Public Administration

What makes a smart public administration? We are convinced that digital approaches such as conversational UX (chatbots, etc.), AI in specialised applications or blockchain concepts can make public administration processes even more accessible, efficient and citizen-oriented. We are looking for solutions in these areas to jointly support our customers from the municipal and urban environment in their digital transformation. Together with you, we want to make digitalisation a tangible experience for our citizens and our administrations.

Digital solutions for the bulk solids and building materials industry

Within the value chain of the bulk materials industry, from the delivery of materials to storage, conveying, weighing and mixing to the final refinement, we are looking for digital solutions that make service and processes more efficient, simplify them and support work on site. These solutions are used in the areas of operational logistics, transport logistics and construction site logistics in the bulk materials and building materials industry.

Smart City – With intelligent sensor applications to the city of the future

Outdoor lighting is a central part of the urban infrastructure. With our product We-Light-Open, existing poles can be supplied with power and internet connectivity (PowerLine) without interruption. This creates the prerequisite for the integration of different sensor systems that enable Smart City applications. We are looking for start-ups whose smart city sensor technology can be attached to street lighting poles in order to jointly develop areas such as intelligent traffic control, smart parking, security, intelligent waste management, etc. in a sustainable way.

Smart Energy – Sustainable Energy Management in Urban Infrastructure and Manufacturing Zones

Energy consumption is a significant resource and cost factor both in cities, keyword mobility and air conditioning, and in manufacturing zones close to urban areas (process energy, cooling, heat, electricity, compressed air). With the slogan – unbeatable in digitalisation – our Actemium and Axians brands address both customers from the public infrastructure and the manufacturing sector in equal measure. We are looking for ways to not only capture and represent energy demand, but solutions that digitally and smoothly exchange different volumes of energy between urban infrastructure and industrial demand, also with a view to future blockchain portals on the one hand and the use of hydrogen on the other.

Next Steps

All participants will be informed by Monday, 22 June 2020 of the outcome of the pre-selection process. A maximum of six start-ups per theme will be invited to pitch during the VINCI Startup Speed Dating 2020.


Although the event is over, you are welcome to send us an email at if you are active in these areas and interested in a cooperation.